Interactive Map of Proposed Development Projects in Westchester

While researching construction and development pipelines in southern Westchester, we came across a very useful interactive map by The Westchester County Planning Board (“WCPB”) in conjunction with ArcGIS.  

The map shows currently proposed development projects in Westchester County that have received WCPB review.  You can find further detail on the address, square footage and type of use for each proposed development by clicking on the triangle.

This information provides useful data on proposed major developments in an area and how they may affect surrounding office, retail and residential real estate markets.


Admiral - Proposed Developments in WestchesterAdmiral Proposed Developments in Westchester Palisades Point Yonkers

Source:  WCPB web site, Esri, HERE, DeLorme, USGS, NGA, EPA,
USDA,NPS, Westchester County GIS and Planning Department


According to their web site, WCPB receives about 700 municipal referrals annually, ranging from minor zoning variances for single-family houses to site plans for major shopping centers to new zoning codes and comprehensive plans.

This Map’s For You

Several different types of people might find this map useful. Real estate Investors and retailers in NY and in the surrounding tri-state can use the project information to assess the health of specific markets and demographic shifts that could help to identify opportunities for growth and expansion. Clusters of projects or triangles on the map indicate patterns of possible migration and the opening up of new market segments.

Residents of the county and tristate area can also benefit. Seeing proposed residential developments, for instance,  could aid in the decision making process in moving around the county or up from New York City to a new-up-and-coming neighbourhood.

More than Just a Triangle

Some exciting large developments identified in the map paint a new picture of the future of Westchester. Some notable proposed projects include those along the Yonkers waterfront. Palisades Point at 20 Water Grant Street is a proposed new development with 324 apartments, a pool plus other amenities.

Rising Development is another proposed development that has been transforming the Yonkers waterfront into a new district called ‘SOYO’. This $8.3 million project includes a 25-story, 230-unit live/work tower with 33,000 square feet of commercial office space and 13,600 square feet of retail space, and a separate mixed-use residential development. Also part of this proposal is the renovation of former Yonkers Public Library and the re-purposing of the old city jail into a gallery and a visual and performing arts center. In addition the old Glenwood power plant will be transformed into an event space with restaurants, a marina and hotel called PowerHouse.

Keeping in mind not all proposed projects will actually come to fruition. Still, the map is the best forecast of large-scale new and exciting developments in Westchester we have seen. This map will benefit many types of real estate professionals and residents and help all of us envision the possibilities for the future of Westchester County.


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