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Locating Exceptional Tenants at the Best Rent with the Least Downtime

With years of combined brokerage experience and a collection of awards and honors, Admiral’s brokers are leaders of their trade who understand diverse markets and are committed to their clients’ needs. Admiral has a unique expertise-based structure where each of our brokers are specialists in their respective asset class and market. This collaborative, team-based structure eliminates internal competition and allows our brokers to focus on what really matters – their clients’ overall success.

From day one, Admiral works with a meticulous eye, formulating an aggressive business strategy to deliver the most advantageous outcomes for ownership. Admiral’s approach is to listen to owners’ needs and requests, ask the right questions, research the best options, maximize exposure, negotiate on behalf of the landlord’s interests, and execute for exceptional results.

  • Property Assessment. We prepare a current profile of the property and an outline of its strategic advantages. At the same time, we generate a market survey of comparable properties and leasing transactions to determine competitive advantages, maximum pricing, and potential leasing prospects. A detailed trade area analysis can also help to identify the type of services that are underserved in the market. 

  • Tailored Leasing Strategy. A leasing plan should consider both current and future available space in the client’s property, including renewals, expansions, and new leasing. With this in mind, Admiral formulates a proactive marketing strategy to promote the property and locate prospective tenants. Admiral’s marketing strategy includes a wide range of tactics to penetrate an array of audiences and media outlets, as outlined in further detail below. 

  • Comprehensive Marketing Exposure. Admiral’s marketing and research group supports each marketing campaign to maximize exposure for the property. In addition to sourcing tenants through existing relationships, this approach includes:

    Analysis of the subject property’s market landscape as it relates to current demographics, employment base, and surrounding businesses to construct an extensive list of promising tenants to be solicited
    Custom-designed marketing materials
    Publicizing on industry websites
    Circulating through Admiral web site and social media channels
    Traditional door-to-door canvassing

    Targeted email campaigns

    Importantly, Admiral does not delay in including outside brokers in their marketing efforts.Encouraging external brokers to bring forth quality tenants results in owners having a wider range of offers and escalated negotiating power.

  • Outline and Negotiate Business Terms. Admiral develops for client approval a simple but detailed letter of intent form, individualized to each specific property, highlighting the major business and legal terms of every proposed deal. Our letters of intent have saved some of our clients significant legal fees, since they did not need their lawyers to negotiate business terms, but simply to document an already clearly defined agreement. 

  • Comparative Lease Analysis. Admiral can provide clients with a net present value analysis  to compare the benefits and shortfalls of each proposed lease. 

Key Client Benefits

  • Build and execute a unique, tailored marketing strategy
  • Provide deep local knowledge with extensive research
  • Generate comprehensive marketing exposure
  • Maximize occupancy, rent and asset value
  • Aggressively negotiate on behalf of ownership
  • Detail approved business terms to avoid unnecessary legal fees
  • Use an empirical approach to identify and connect with prospective tenants
  • Persuasively promote the property by drawing on an in-depth understanding of the local market
  • Offer guidance and advisory services throughout the process
  • Deliver unmatched service with the utmost of integrity

What People are Saying


Brian McCarthy, Executive Vice President

Samson Management

"Over the past decade, Samson Management has collaborated exclusively with Admiral to successfully lease our commercial and retail properties in Westchester County. They take a proactive approach to each leasing assignment that is all-encompassing. Since working with them, they have come to understand my needs and priorities as a landlord. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in the team at Admiral."