Research & Analytics

Market Intelligence

Research & Analytics
Deliver Market Intelligence

Critically assessed and pared down to the most relevant material

Identify Opportunities

Clear, intelligible proformas to help owners and users assess their strategic options

Mitigate Risk

Sensitivity analyses to isolate and quantify tenant and market risks

Compare Costs

Assess alternative scenarios with net present cost / net present value comparisons

Maximize Profit

Admiral achieves superior results for our clients by empowering our brokers with unmatched marketing support, guided by a rigorous empirical approach

“The depth of knowledge, the ability to synthesize the information into useable
insights, and the integrity to tell you what you need to hear even when it’s not what
you want to hear is what sets Admiral apart for me. They have taken the time to be
the professionals we all hope to find when we begin a search.
I have recommended them many times..”

Nat Rockett, Associate Broker – Marcus & Millichap