Location: Larchmont

Larchmont Commercial Real Estate | In a recent article, the New York Times describes Larchmont NY as “an affluent, walkable suburb on Long Island Sound situated about 20 miles from Midtown Manhattan…[which has] seen an influx of buyers…who made their move sooner than intended during the pandemic, drawn by the spacious homes with big yards, waterfront access, good schools and a vibrant downtown. During the 19th century, the village was a popular summer retreat for wealthy Manhattanites. Today, it is one of the wealthiest areas in the country, offering a friendly and sophisticated small-town atmosphere to those who can afford the homes and the property taxes.” A new Larchmont NY resident is quoted: “Life in Larchmont mimics the lifestyle we were used to. We can still walk to get a coffee and go to the shops or the park, but we have much more space and a yard for our children to play in. I love the laid-back, small-town vibe and how much easier it has been to make friends compared with living in Brooklyn…Everyone has gone out of their way to make us feel very welcome.”

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