Village Lifts Building Moratorium


September 30, 2004


— Danny Lopriore

After the Bronxville Village Board of Trustees officially lifted its moratorium on building in the business district on July 12, business owners and some residents say they now have a clearer outline of how commercial space can be used in the downtown areas.

With summer over, potential movement in the business districts can now continue under the new guidelines in place. The changes include use of commercial and residential space in the village’s two main commercial zones.

Jonathan Gordon of Admiral Real Estate Services Corp., who manages several properties in the village, was one of those concerned with the new guidelines.

“Potential tenants can be uncomfortable renting a space when a moratorium is in place, so we were delayed somewhat in renting certain stores,” Gordon said. “Having these new guidelines is a help.”

According to Bronxville Village Engineer Vincent Pici, the moratorium, which was imposed in November 2003 for six months, then extended for another 90 days in March 2004, offers changes to the Commercial Business District that include limitations on residential use, street floor-level area requirements and frontage guidelines.

Gordon said he was comfortable with most of the guidelines and added that property owners in most cases had the same motivation for a successful business district.

“You would always like to have the freedom to use a space as freely as possible to maintain a strong business while maintaining a great environment for the village,” Gordon said. “This (code) may effect a business that wants to expand its space, but in most cases the guidelines are clear. We’ll have to wait and see how they may effect specific spaces over time.”