Owners And Developers

Forward Vision. Local Insight.

We help owners, developers, financial institutions, and special servicers outsource their leasing and investment sales to a brokerage firm they can trust and depend on, whether it be in order to save time, access local market expertise, widen market exposure and/or benefit from our research and analytics capabilities.

Among our clients are:

  • Investors not involved in real estate on a full-time basis
  • Owners operating and managing their real estate on a full-time basis
  • Corporate owners
  • Real estate developers
  • Financial institutions and special servicers

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What People are Saying


Clinton Smullyan, Jr., Chairman and CEO

Mosbacher Properties Group

For 7 years, Jon Gordon was a Managing Director and Leasing Director for our portfolio of over 20 retail properties, some in very challenging low income areas and others in very good upmarket locations (often also very challenging). He performed and led both property management and leasing. After he and Jessica Munzel decided to form Admiral Real Estate Services, we continued, to the present day, to engage Admiral to provide independent leasing services to all of those properties.

We can attest to Jon’s skill, vision, enthusiasm and knowledge. Most importantly, we can attest to his integrity - we have trusted him with much, we continue to trust him, and it has been beneficial in every way to have done so.